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Downloadable Forms

Format of The FileName of The Required FilesDescriptionDownloads
DMATERIALIZATION (DRN)It is required fill and submit if account holder have physical share of other companies and want to make digitalized or want to put on Demat
BO-BO TransferThis form is to be fill if the share is to be transfer from one Demat account to another Demat account
DEATH Transfer FormThis form is to be fill when died member share is to be transfer on another Demat account
Demat – CompanyThis form is for opening Company Demat account
DIS ChequeThis form id filled and submit with in 2 days at capital after the selling of the share
Demat A/C -individualThis form is for opening Individual Demat account
Demat Closing FormThis form is to be fill, account holder wants to his /her account
In Person Verification FormThis form is fill and given on our respective branch with the documents of DRN
Minor To Major FormThis form is fill when minor is certified to be major with the required details
मन्जुरीनामाThis this the form of authority and it is fill for Family transfer
Signature ChangeIt is required if the holder account signature is to be change.
Mero ShareIf customers have their Demat account in our capital and want to register mero share then they have to fill this form and submit to nearest NB Bank branch